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24 Sep 2020

KSD observes Balidan Diwas on Sept. 14
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi observed “Balidan Diwas”, on September 14, along with all Kashmiri Pandit organisations at Kashmir Bhawan, Amar Conly, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.
The entire Executive Council of KSD, along with Sh Ashutosh Taploo, son of Shaeed late Sh Tika Lal Taploo and Sh Rajinder Premi, son of Shaeed late Sh Sarvanad Koul Premi, paid rich tributes to Martyrs who laid their lives for the community and for the Nation.
In the evening, at 5pm to 9.30 pm, a joint vebnar was organised in which presidents of all K.P organizations of the capital and its environs and well-wishers joined and paid their floral tributes to the martyrs.
Kashmiri Pandits go online to contact
Loved ones of different global regions
—Samachar Bureau

Maha Ganesh Chaturthi
On August 22 last — the Maha Ganesh Chaturthi — a Zoom online meeting was organized by Frisal Maha Ganesh Sabah. It provided an opportunity to the Kashmiri Pandit residents of Frisal tehsil headquarters and nearby areas to get connected with their kin and acquaintances living in Jammu, Delhi, Pune and other parts of India and the U.K., America, New Zealand and other regions of the world.
The meeting, attended by residents of Frisal and its environs, including, Sheerapura and Damidulla lasted two hours. It enabled the participants, living in India and abroad, to see and talk to persons that have got separated for three decades and more.
The participants got an opportunity of viewing faces of their kin and acquaintances, living in countries and continents separated by the major oceans of the globe – Indian, Atlantic and Pacific.
The function was arranged by Shri H. L. Dhar, Organiser of the Sabah and proposed by Smt. Anjali Pandita, Vice-President of the Female Wing of the Sabah.
Observations made by Prof. Dr. D. N. Durani, Shri M L Ganjoo, Smt. Usha Raina and other speakers were informative and illuminating.
Useful suggestions were made. One of which was to acquire land in the Jammu vicinity where a building can be constructed for conducting religious, social and cultural functions. That piece of land is likely to be a central place where community activities will be held in the future. Shri Bharat Bushan Raina, President of the Sabah, and Shri Bihari Lal Raina were assigned the task of acquiring the land. It was, also, suggested that funds be raised to help the needy.
The function began with tributes to the memory of late Shri Durga Nath Raina, of Lariyar, son-in-law of late Shri  Maha Ganesh Dhar. A two-minute silence was observed.
Upasana Pandita, a student of Class XII, recited Ganesh Jee bhajans in a voice full of devotion and melody. That brightened the Maha Ganesh Chaturthi evening.
The meeting generated a camaraderie atmosphere. Participants desired such events be continued in the future too — often, and for longer durations.

US will always be ‘faithful friends’
To people of India: White House
The United States will always be “faithful friends” to the people of India, the White House said on Wednesday, reiterating that America is eager to strengthen ties between the two countries. “We congratulate our friends in India who recently celebrated their Independence Day,” the National Security Council of the White House said in a tweet on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, which was recently celebrated across the US by people of Indian origin and friends of India.
As President Donald Trump said during his visit to India in February, “America is eager to strengthen ties between our two countries, and will always be faithful friends to the people of India,” it said. The NSC tweet was re-tweeted by Senator John Cornyn, Co-Chair of the Senate Indian Caucus.
Early this week, a senior administration official from the NSC said that the Trump administration has elevated the US relationship with India and solidified its growing partnership in ways not seen in any other US administration. During President Trump’s historic visit to India in February, he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi elevated the relationship to a Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership.
Prime Minister Modi was also one of the first foreign leaders to visit the White House after President Trump took office. The two leaders have also spoken side-by-side at two major events—Howdy, Modi in September 2019 in Houston, Texas before a crowd of over 55,000 and again at ‘Namaste, Trump’ in February 2020 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, to address a crowd of 110,000.
These gatherings boosted our people-to-people ties and highlighted the warm personal relationship between the two leaders, said the official. According to the official, Trump has prioritized the US-India relationship and worked to expand all facets of the partnership over the last three and a half years.
“Given the two countries’ democratic foundations and our mutual interests in rebuilding the global economy following COVID-19, diversifying global supply chains, and ensuring the Indo-Pacific region remains free and open, President Trump will continue to build this critical partnership in the years to come,” the official.
Courtesy: Zee News. Source: Reuters

Tribute to great leader Vajpayee on his death anniversary
“I have a vision of India: an India free of Hunger and Fear, 
  an India free of illiteracy and Want…”
—Atal Bihari Vajpayee   
We have lost a great leader and a great friend. I had met him several times and apprised him of plight of Kashmiri Hindus in exile. He showed great interest in wellbeing of our community. Vajpayee ji was a statesman of immense stature and a sharp witted politician. He was gifted with mesmerizing oratory. He was a poet full of revolutionary poems and a gentle human being. As a parliamentarian, he was respected by all.
During a well attended symposium at New Delhi, on 28th Oct. 1993, on Terrorism in Kashmir and violation of Human Rights, organized by Kashmiri Samiti, at Himachal Bhawan, Mandi House, a booklet, Human Rights Violation in Kashmir, written by Dr. M.K.Teng and C.L.Gadoo was released. This booklet was personally distributed by Sh. Vajpayee, as the leader of opposition, at an important, event at UNHRC session in Geneva during March 1994. 
Our homage to the great leader:  
—Chaman Lal Gadoo