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Sumeer Chrungoo


Dear Community Members,
October month’s happenings in Kashmir caused me a lot of pain. In just two days, two such Kashmiri Pandits were shot dead as had nothing to do with politics. They were rendering service to the general Kashmiri population, 99 percent of which was Muslims. Sh. Deepak Chand was a teacher; Sh. Makhan Lal Bindroo, a dealer of pharmacy goods. I sympathize with the survivors of the victims’ families. I salute the courage of Dr. Samriddhi Bindroo, daughter of Sh. Makhan Lal, who dared the gunmen to come in front of her. She said: “You can kill one person, but you can’t kill the spirit of Makhan Lal. My father, always, said: “I’ll die with my shoes on. He gave me education while politicians gave you guns and stones.” She added: “You want to fight with guns and stones. That is cowardice. Politicians are using you. Come and fight with education. Let the mister, who shot my father dead, while he was working, have a face-to-face debate with us. Then, we will see what you are. You won’t be able to utter a word.”
The killings unnerved the few KPs living in the valley. Some of them have fled. Others are planning to do so. These events have made me reminiscent of the happenings of 1990 when lakhs of KPs had to flee the valley to save their limb, life and honour of their female members. Such happenings are the primary reason that I have been suggesting that KPs need to be provided such a separate Homeland in which they can live as equal citizens and can have safeguards, in letter and spirit, of the Indian Constitution.
Pakistan has changed its tactics on continuing its terrorist acts in Kashmir. There used to be five or six-member groups. Now there are, mostly, two-member ones. One of the main aims of Pakistan is not to allow the valley have financial growth which the Indian Government is trying to usher in. Pakistan feels such a growth will prove to the world outside that India is helping Kashmiri Muslims to prosper and will dent Pak propaganda that India is harming Muslim interests. From time to time Pakistan has been entering into ceasefire agreements with India but, in practice, it does not implement those. It wants communal violence, insecurity and terrorism to increase in the valley. 
No Kashmir-centrist leader has said terrorists have done something wrong in killing innocent KPs. On the other hand, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti has gone in the opposite direction. She says that Aryan Khan is being harassed because he is a Muslim. She turns a blind eye to the fact that seven Hindus, too, are being questioned in the drug case in which Aryan is one of the accused. The agency, investigating the event, says it is trying to find how such groups got associated with other Indians and foreign nationals and managed to bring drugs in the country and supplied these to the edicts. Mehbooba seems to forget that during the years PDP was ruling the J&K state, use of drugs proliferated there and Pakistan has been exploiting this addiction by by sending drugs and finances, for purchase of drugs, to be supplied to terrorists, who, too, have got addicted to these. 
I feel that the KPs’ struggle to secure a land, where they can live in peace, is going to be a long one. So, my social service organisation, Kashmiri Samiti Delhi, has been urging different KP set-ups and individuals to come together and present a joint picture of their working. That will help produce the desired results. The authorities should not be of the opinion that KPs are a divided house. They need to understand that we, all, are one in our demand for a separate Homeland. 
I want to thank the Modi government, at the Centre, and the J&K U.T. Government for having launched a portal to help Kashmiri migrants file plaints and reclaim their lost properties. On September 7 last J&K Lieutenant-Governor Manoj Sinha launched this portal to enable the migrants submit online grievances regarding their properties in Kashmir and secure a time-bound redress., Sh. Sinha said this system will alleviate the plight of the migrant families. The complaints will be disposed of under the Public Services Guarantee Act 2011, by the Revenue authority. Deputy Commissioners have been given authority to undertake field verification and survey of migrant properties and update all registers within 15 days before submitting a compliance report to the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir. The District Magistrate will have to take timely action for eviction, custody and restoration of encroached /forcibly taken properties and initiate action against the violators.
Just within three weeks of the launch of the portal, Deputy Commissioners received more than 5,600 complaints of land grab and encroachment through the designated web portal. By November 9, around 2,200 such complaints were processed. Most of these are about land, houses belonging to KPs having been either wrested or sold off at throw away prices three decades ago. The administration has freed 41 kanals in three weeks in the Anantnag District alone. The authorities have found many complaints to be fake. 
Future of the youngsters of the baradari is the dearest idea to my heart. The season of admission in educational institutions of higher learning has started. I want to suggest to the youngsters to keep in view that in days to come there is going to be keen competition in financial matters and knowledge among individuals and countries. In whatever field these young ones go, they should not be oblivious to the financial aspect. Life is, likely, to become more complicated and time is likely to become more limited. So, they should not spend more time on smartphones, which habit has started to become an addiction. And, lastly, try to acquire digital knowledge. This knowledge, artificial intelligence and data analysis are going to be important aspects for different organisations in days to come. Our young boys and girls, too, should get ready for a competition-filled future. They cannot have tomorrow’s good living with yesterday’s tools, techniques and technology. 

(Sumeer Chrungoo)
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