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President Desk

Sumeer Chrungoo


We all need to come together and protect our KP pride
Dear Community Members,
Isn't this time for our Community to come and sit together and resolve issues (if any) so that a strong message and fight should be our main aim and focus till our community gets justice.
Our Community is often considered the community of intellectuals, with huge tolerance, faithfulness, love for their language and culture but the same community has gone into a catastrophe and wilderness, humming up with false prestige, hankering after money and wealth, distressed and disappointed.
The reason is the community has forgotten the past, misusing its present, dishonoring it's heritage, forgetting its language, silent and inactive to attain its critical mass ratio and so on. If we really wish and want to give rebirth to the community of Kashmiri Pandits, it's the need of the hour to maintain our linguistic heritage by preserving our Kashmiri language to save our next generation by avoiding inter-caste marriages and attain a viable critical mass ratio by working out a model family planning program for the community on the whole and by avoiding menace of divorces.
Kashmiri language is loosing its savvy very fast on the second generation of the community. Very sadly they have adopted and imbibed a non-Kashmir culture and language. They have failed to understand that language has a profound and permanent social significance. It is the soul for the community survival and at the same time store house for indigenous culture and heritage.
Trend of inter-caste marriages has also tremendously increased in the community forgetting their duty to preserve and protect their gene pools and also forgotten that this dilutes our community ethos, rituals and other ways of life as well as adversely affecting our community population growth. This trend leads to lose our identity sooner than later.
The small number doesn't provide us with any political maneuverability and bargening strength in our political aspirations and in other fields too. Besides it keeps us psychologically weak and suppressed. The trend gradually leads us to perish our community within a decade of time and so.
In order to protect and preserve our community the need of the hour is for our elders, leaders and others who matter in our community to take responsibility in introducing and inculcating Kashmiri Culture in their family as well as within the community to make the young generation feel proud of being Kashmiri Pandit.
The trend of ignoring and isolating the parents and elders is emerging gradually which give bad name to the most cultured and Sanskari community. It is necessary for the community youths to respect and attend to their parents and elders and avoid ignoring and isolating them.
May this Coming Navratris be full of happiness and good health for all in our community.

(Sumeer Chrungoo)
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