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Sumeer Chrungoo


Dear Community Members,
Shri Narendra Modi’s meeting with the Jammu and Kashmir leaders, on June 24 last, dismayed Kashmiri Samiti Delhi, of which I happen to be the chief servant. The Prime Minister and his office had invited leaders who have been pleading that India should have a dialogue with Pakistan on subjects that are internal matters of our country. Those leaders, also, had been invited as had helped release of such militants as had massacred Kashmiri Pandits. There were spokesmen of the idea – prevalent nowhere in the world – that the Jammu and Kashmir flag be provided more importance than the national flag. Not a single representative of the K. P. community was invited from Kashmir, Jammu, Delhi or from anywhere in the world.
Kashmiri Pandits’ murder, rape and arson has been the worst episode of anarchy and lack of government’s duty to provide security of life and honour to its citizens. I have, at umpteen times, intimated the rulers that Kashmir is fully with India only till KPs are living there in security. This community is the top patriotic and has suffered only for that. Militants have failed in coercing its members to join their ranks. So K Ps continue to suffer and are ready to suffer in future also for patriotic causes.
At this historic meet, no one talked about the return of K.Ps. to Kashmir except Sh. Ghulam Nabi Azad. No other participant – from Kashmir, Jammu, or Delhi, – even , seconded his proposal. I have told the Central leaders often that Kashmir’s soul is with India only so long as K.Ps are able to live there in a sense of security. Otherwise what has happened in Kashmir is likely to happen, tomorrow, to many other parts of India. Anti-Indian elements have formed ghettoes in many parts of the country where patriotic people cannot live and where even security-force personnel cannot go. In a non-distant future, the country can get embroiled in a civil war between the patriotic and traitor elements. That is what the lackadaisical manner of handling important issues by the present rulers portends. Shri Modi, or the BJP may, or may not be at the helm of affairs in such an eventuality, but this is the lightning that the political dark clouds forecast.
Viewed in this background, the P. M’s meeting was nothing but a whitewash. It is intriguing that those, who are traitors and who have been asking for Pakistan to be included in talks and have insulted the Tri-colour, were being given space and credibility. It is not the first time that such a process has taken place, nor will it be the last time. In the name of confidence-building measures, financial doles many such things, slogans like Kashmiriyat, jamhooriat and insaniyat have been tried, but the results remain the same. Now a newly coined word “Restoration of Political process” has been initiated. 
The Kashmir issue is not a political issue. It is a religious issue, as was evident by K Ps’ Genocide by Islamic jehadis, supported by these so-called political leaders who were in the meeting. In the meeting Hon’ble Prime Minister made a pointed reference and told them that JK UT people are happy with corruption free administration. I want to know whether Farouq Abdullah has been given a clean chit in corruption charges in JKCA scam or has Mehbooba Mufti got the same in the Roshni scam? How come these two families have become honest now to be given space and credibility by inviting them to the meeting when the people of J&K UT have no faith on their honesty.
Kashmiri Pandits are original inhabitants and first stakeholders in any solution of Kashmir. Ignoring and humiliating them has increased their resolve for a “separate homeland” which has become more stronger than ever. I demand immediate recognition of the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, which even the present dispensation at the Centre, in their election rallies, have accepted and which cannot be ignored by any dispensation at the Centre. All jihadis need to be brought to their logical end.
We will very soon start an action-oriented programme across India after consultation with all the community members to force the present government at the Centre and J&K (UT) to deliberate upon my suggestions and accept the community’s genuine demands. 
The Union Govt. has appointed a delimitation commissioner to start delimitation process in JK UT after delibrating with theall concerned in JK UT. Kashmiri Samiti Delhi has taken a firm stand that delimitation process is meaningless for KP’s till the basic issue of KP Genocide is not addressed. It is meaningless exercise, KP has nothing to do with it and we will not rest till our basic issue not addressed to its logical end.
Murder of people, for discharging their legal and administrative duties, continues in the valley. A Station House Officer has been murdered by militants. His crime was that he carried out his duties honestly and faithfully. In the incident of murdering, the assailants killed his daughter , also,who had nothing to do with any administrative function.
Leaders of the Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee say that, recently, in Kashmir, some Sikh girls have been abducted and forced to give up their religion Sikh leaders, from outside Kashmir, went to the valley and rescued one such girl. Later, she was married to a Sikh gentleman and the couple was brought to Delhi. It has been provided employment. In theory, militants say they are opposed to Hindus only. In practice they have extended this hate against other non-Muslims too, which includes Sikhs. No Kashmiri Hindu or Sikh has tried to convert a Muslim girl. Hindus and Sikhs do not believe in proselytation Then, why should girls of that community, also, suffer like those of Kashmiri Pandits? 
From time to time, in the last three decades, leaders have been crying hoarse that Kashmiri Pandits can, now, go and live in Kashmir. If K.Ps are sent there in the present circumstances it will be sending Kashmiri Pandits as goats to the militants’ abattoirs for getting slaughtered. 

(Sumeer Chrungoo)
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