Bhawan Callinig

14 Jun 2022Vijay Kumar Raina


Respected Members,
Mela Kheer Bhawani known as Jyesth Ashtami which falls in the month of Jyesth could not be visited by the masses due to militancy threat. About 30% of the population among the Kashmiri Hindus could make it to visit Mata Kheer Bhawani at Tulmul, Kashmir. Prayers and chanting of mantras continued as usual with the bhajans praising the Almighty Matas blessings and her kindness.
It is said after Ravana was set to rest by Lord Rama Mata Shama had no desire to live in sinful country Sri Lanka. Mahavir Hanuman became Mata’s Chariot and asked him to take her to Kahysap Rishi, Sati Desh. The Divine Mata visited many places in Satisar Desh and finally selected a place to live in known as “Tulmulla”. It is also said that Mata Shama is the only Isht Devi who is vegetarian. There after this day is called as Zeeth Ashtami.  People thronged to have the darshan of Mata Kheer Bhawani at Shalimar Garden were great hawan was performed. At other places of J&K and also in Delhi wherever the Temple have been constructed viz. Gurgaon, Patparganj etc. also paid their respects and offerings.

Meeting with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi
A delegation of Kashmiri Samiti Delhi met Hon’ble Chief Minister Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal on 24 May 2022 in connection with addition/bifurcation of migrant cards of Kashmiri migrants of Delhi NCR, Health Cards viza Ayushman Bharat and employment to unemployed youth. The delegation consisted of President Shri Sumeer Chrungoo; Shri Sanjay Koul Vice President; Shri Ashok Handoo Secretary; Shri Ashok Trisal Secretary; Shri Sunil Shakdher, former President, KSD; Shri Rakesh Razdan, former Vice-President, KSD and Shri Sanjay Langar, KSD life member. It may not be out of place to mention that long pending case of traders at INA Market who were not being provided the electricity and other amenities, the traders were represented by its President Shri Chand Ji Shahbadi and his team. The President Shri Sumeer Chrungoo had fruitful interaction with the Chief Minister in connection with relief related matters, employment and issue of Aushman Health cards. The Chief Minister assured all possible help out of the way to the Kashmiri migrants.. The Chief Minister assured the traders that free of cost the electricity will be provided to them and also their compensation cases will favourbly be looked into.

Protest at Jantar Mantar
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi held a protest at Jantar Mantar for continue genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley. During the last one month about 9 Kashmiri Hindus were brutally killed by the militants in the valley. The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus still continued unabated and the Government not so far taken any concrete action against the killers. The solution to the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus is to create a separate home land for the Kashmiri Hindus which shall be governed by the Centre directly. (protests pics on page 8).
Construction of the Bhawan
The NOC’s from the concerned Departments are under process almost at a final stage and are expected very soon. The moment the NOC’s are obtained without wasting further time, the construction will start.

Kashmiri Samiti Delhi feels proud in thanking one Smt Shama Swaroop W/ W/O late Shri H L Swaroop for her donation of Rs.2000/- towards the constructionof Bhawan. Keeping her health, age and generosity in view , we once againexpress our gratitude and request the community members to come forward for this noble cause. Drops make ocean.

AGM / Elections
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi election, was due in May 2021, but due to Covid pandemic throughout the world could not be held and was deferred by the house due to restrictions imposed by the Govt. of India under Disaster Management Act. However the situation after April 2022 has been improved and restrictions were lifted by the Govt. KSD has called a meeting  recently under the Chairmanship of  its President Shri Sumeer Chrungoo and it was discussed in the meeting that the fresh dates for calling AGM and elections shall be announced soon. The house is committed for conducting the fresh elections and AGM as per the KSD Constitution in a Democratic way.
Kuldeep Bhat
Officiating General Secretary