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Bhawan Callinig

14 Oct 2020Vijay Kumar Raina


Kashmir Bhawan Calling
Namskar & Greetings to All!
Wishing you all a Happy Navratas in advance.
Friends, We all are living in unprecedented times and trying our best to adhare the guidelines of Govt’s lockdown and unlocked series strictly so far.
Time will tell how this Aatma Nirbhar Bharat annouced by PM Modi Ji will change the lives of the common men who may have lost their day-to-day earnings or jobs but we can be optimistic and should  hope and believe that things will improve or change from here onwards.
We hope our biradari members across in India and the Globe are safe, and in good health, to fight this pandemic strongly. As of now we have only two mantras to fight this virus, i.e
eqag ij ekLd vkSj nks xt nwjh cukdj j[kus dhA
Koshur Samachar
During these pandemics days KSD ensured that its members and readers get their favourite Koshur Samachar without break, although it was uploaded on our Kashmiri Samiti’s official website, made at Koshur Samachar website. 
KSD has decided to print your favourite Koshur Samachar from October onwards. It will continue to be uploaded on our website as usual.
Please subscribe all to your favourite Koshur Samachar and continue to give your matrimonial ads, obituary or any other advertisements.
Please note our Lajpat Nagar office is now again functional for public from October onwards.
Construction of Bhawan
We are into the last leg of getting final NOCs from various Govt Agencies and  hope  the good news to all will come soon.
Building great work relationships with other organisations is on our top priority. For that this our team is working hard to coordinate among the organisations across India, Delhi, and NCR so that we together as a Kashmiri Community can take our demands to the Central Govt and various agencies. 
AMR Relief & Rehabilitation
On account of the AMR Relief & Rehabilitation, the team was completely focused during these lockdown/unlocked days to facilitate those whose income is dependent on Relief. We are sure everyone who gets AMR is receiveing the same in time. 
Our team, under the leadership of our President, Sh. Sumeer Chrungoo and Sh Sanjay Koul, Vice-President, and Secretary Relief Sh. Ashok Handoo, is on the job since the first lock down announced by the Govt  in Delhi. Recently we had a meeting with DC, HQ2 and SDM HQ2 for releasing the payment to the relief holders in advance on the eve of Diwali. Hope both months shall be released by the first week in the November month.

(Kuldeep Bhat)
Officiating General Secretary