Bhawan Callinig

13 Apr 2021Vijay Kumar Raina


Respected Members,
I, on behalf of my team Kashmiri Samiti Delhi/Koshur Samachar wish you a happy Navreh. I hope my community brothers, sisters shall celebrate the New Calendar of the year with pomp and show. Let us pray this year will bring us a lot of happiness, good health and prosperity.
In the month of March day-to-day activities remained normal while we are still facing the Covid 19 pandemic  IInd Wave in India which is much more dangerous than the previous one as  the death rates are increasing on the daily basis. I request our community members to be more mindful and vigilant and take precautions  by maintaining  social distancing, regular sanitization avoid social gatherings etc, wear face  masks continuously and get the vaccination done at the earliest.
Admission in Kendriya Vidyalayas
The follow up  by one of our dedicated  and sincere activist, Shri T N Gurtoo, KSD Executive  Member, who worked tirelessly during this pandemic period  to get the order passed  by the Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan,  well in advance, for  admission of Kashmiri migrant wards in Kendriya Vidyalayas across India for the academic session 2021-2022.  However, the concession  order   still continues from the HRD Ministry, Govt. of  India, order, issued in 2015  for getting admissions in various higher technical and Academic Institutions in India. The text of the office copy will be on page  No. 10 for for information of all baradari members.
Relief in Delhi
During the March month a KSD delegation,  led by the President met the Divisional Commissioner/Principal Secretary Revenue, DC (HQ) and other district magistrates to discuss various issues, such as the annual submission of Affidavits and our long-pending demand of addition/bifurcation of the migrant cards in Delhi with monetary benefits. All the meetings remained very fruitful. Further to the meetings, the necessity correspondence  with the Chief Secretary, Government  of Delhi NCT and other relevant officers. We are hopeful the team of Kashmiri Samiti Delhi  is doing  a little bit in a positive direction to get the things resolved at the earliest. A KSD delegation  also met the District Magistrate, Dr  Anketa Chakarbarty, MB Road Saket and S. D. M. concerned  to resolve the issue which was created unnecessarily by some of our community members.  We are very thankful to the District Magistrate, MB Road, Saket for  listening the delegation patiently and sort out the issue.
A KSD delegation, also, met the new  District Magistrate (HQ) at her office chamber  at 5 Sham Nath Marg. The meeting with her also remained fruitful from all ends.
Domicile Certificate, Aushman Bharat  Scheme and other Central Govt Schemes  in Delhi for Kashmiri migrants living out side J&K 
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi  was in touch with the Relief Department, Kashmir, Jammu, since the Central Govt. announced various schemes for the Kashmiri Pandit migrants living in the J&K UT. In this connection  we   made many representations from the last few months ,Ministry of Health, Govt. of India , MHA, and Lt Governor, J&K UT. The order was passed on 20th  Feb 2021, for issuance of  the Aushman Bharat card to the Kashmiri migrants who are living in Delhi and other parts of the country.  We are glad to inform you that the scheme  is to be implemented   very soon in Delhi at Resident Commissioner’s Office J K UT, 5 Prathvi Raj Road, New Delhi. Those Kashmiri migrants, who have not applied for Domicile certificate, are requested to get the Domicile certificate   on jkrelief on line portal. Those  members, who are not registered with  J&K UT are also requested to get their registration done and enrol themselves/families  at the earliest on  the same jkrelief portal. Then only they are  entitled for the Domicile and Auishman Bharat scheme or any other  scheme   which is in force  in Jammu & Kashmir U.T.
Construction of Kashmir Bhawan
We are on the last leg to get the final approval from Land & Building Ministry of the Urban and Development Minister. In this  connection a KSD delegation  met the authorities and necessary correspondence was done  and we are hopeful to start the process of construction. It  may take one more month. The team is vigorously working on it.
Digital Website of Kashmiri Samiti 
We want to request the baradari members,   who want to pay digitally to our web portal for Matrimonial /subscription of Koshur Samachar etc  or any advertisement to, kindly, mention their E mail address, mobile number and the purpose for subscription, so that we  communicate to them accordingly.

(Kuldeep Bhat)
Officiating General Secretary