Bhawan Callinig

19 Jan 2022Vijay Kumar Raina


Respected Members,
Wishing readers of Koshur Samachar a very Happy New Year 2022. May this year brings all happiness to the readers of Koshur Samachar and community.Last year which ended not to be a good year for the community as we lost so many community members during the year by the pandemic Covid-19. The New Year started with the same threat of Pandemic Covid-19 with new variant “Omicron”.
We appeal to the community to take precautions while moving outside from your homes. It is very difficult to tell the community about the sufferings of those families who had lost the loved ones in the first Delta variant.Your health is our concern.
Printer and Publisher of Koshur Samachar Shri N.N. Zijoo, Ex Vice President of Kashmiri Samiti Delhi has attained Nirvana on 11th December 2021 In a condolence meeting Kashmiri Samiti Delhi President Shri Sumeer Chrungoo and his team paid floral tributes to the legend who was not only Printer and Publisher but a true social activct who worked tirelessly for the community cause during 1990 when mass exodus took place. Kashmiri Samiti Delhi described late Sh N.N. Zijoo a Stumb of Koshur Samchar and no any other member can replace him. His work will be always remembered . May God grant peace to the eternal noble soul.
Dedication Day celebration 2021
Due to prevailing situation of pandemic New variant “Omicron” Kashmiri Samii Delhi has cancelled the last year Dedication Day physically but it was celebrated on digital plate form virtually in which all the executive members participated. The President appealed on Dedication Day that the team should stand with the community for any services in their areas. All the team members took oath to rededicate themselves for the cause and spoke about the Dedication Day. The meeting was coordinated by Shri Vijay Bhat Vice President virtually digitally. The team also paid tribute to those who left us during the year 
Holocaust Day
The Holocaust Day is being observed every year by KashmiriSamiti Delhi along with the community members across Delhi NCR. This year Holocaust Day the exiled community will complete 32 years of their struggle which has started in January 1990 when the mass exdoous took place. 7.5 lacs and more KPs community was forced to leave their roots from the valley. The forced genocide on KPs will not be forgotten all these 32 years. The continuous genocide on Hindus still is going on and we are waiting for the justice? How long the KPs blood will bleed? It is a question when the Government of India will listen the voice of unfortunate KPs. Let us all pledge we will not let our struggle go in vain till a Separate Home Land will be constituted for the KPs in the valley. The ultimate solution. This year may be it may not be observed at Jantar Mantar due to “Omicron” variant but virtually Kashmiri Samiti Delhi will observe it on 19 Jan 2022 along with the community members Delhi NCR. 
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi President Shri Sumeer Chrungoo ,Shri K K Chowdhary,Shri C L Sadhu attended the Annual maha yagnaya on 19th December 2021 at Kashmir Bhawan Sector-37 Faridabad organized Kashmiri Pandit Welfare Association Sec-37, Faridabad. A large number of community members attended he Annual Mahayagnaya . The Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Krishan Pal Gujjar attended . We are very thankful to the President Shri V K Dhar and his team for the successful programme.
Construction of Bhawan
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi delegation met the L&DO Dr. Madhu Rani Teoti in connection with the NOC for construction of Bhawan.We are very thankful to L&DO Madam for listening us patiently during the thread bear discussion, which was fruitful and we are hopeful that in coming future we can get necessary NOC from the Department.
Appeal to the readers of Koshur Samachar
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi and the Koshur Samachar appeal to the bradari members to subscribe and get the Koshur Samachar through digitally or physically at your door steps. The brief details are given on page No. 30. We also appeal to the community business class to get the business advertisement pubished in the Koshur Samachar which will help to growing your business. We are getting advertisement /Mat adds more than usual. The Koshur Samachar subscribers are also increasing up day by day. We are thankful to the readers of Koshur Samachar.
It is further requested that the persons who are interested to write for the Koshur Samachar can send their write ups to the Editor of Koshur Samachar. If the Editors team finds it worth they will publish the same in the samachar. We encourage the younger age group also to send their write up for Koshur Samachar.

(Kuldeep Bhat)
Officiating General Secretary