Bhawan Callinig

14 Jun 2021Vijay Kumar Raina


Respected Members,
We have experienced in the month of May lost so many young community members across India. From the last month it declined slowly. Kashmiri samiti delhi paid rich tributes to all those who lost their lives during the month due to dreaded virous.
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi was offered by some community members from global that they wanted to transfer some amount but it was refused by our president Sh Sumeer chrungoo. 
As and when the help was required by any community member, approached us. The team has in its meeting consented to help the community members who needs it.
Admission in kvs and higher technical institutes
During this pendemic second wave Kashmiri Samiti Delhi offered its online services to our community members in getting admissions in Kendriya Vidyalya School. 
Parents who approached us was issued online letter for obtaining the migrant certificates through SDM for getting admissions in kvs and other educational institutions across India. 
This service was adopted by the Ksd management to facilitate the community member when we all were facing the second wave of pandemic in india. It was appreciated by the community members.
Relief and rehabilitation
In the month of April was late by two or three days as the file was pending with the Divisional commissioner. KSD management took a note of it swiftly acted on the subject. We are thankful to Divisional commissioner HQ who helped and got the relief sanctioned and payment was credited by 3rd of May in the AMR holders, however some nearly more than 298 cases were pending in the month of May. It was brought to the notice of revenue deptt and accordingly the necessary action was initiated by the revenue cell. Hopefully in this month maximum nos shall be restrosted and payment released. 
Election of Ksd 2021-2023
Dear life members,
We are still facing the pandemic covid 19 and in second wave, we lost so many young community members across India. 
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi in its executive council meeting held in the month of March 2021 decided to postpone the election of Ksd 2021-23 till the conditions are not condisive for conducting the elections. It was also brought into notice that          due to sad demise           of late Shri Pajnoo ji     in February, 2021           all the necessary correspondance/corrections the voter list was pending and it was decided in the meeting that the assignment should be assigned to another staff members for rectification. Meanwhile when the situation improves the date of elections shall be announced by the present body under the President ship of Sh Sumeer chrungoo.
Kashmiri Samiti Delhi and it's team was on the job during this pandemic days and were helping in their Area. The president, vice Presidents were also in touch with the community organisations, members, were any help was needed. We are thankful to our office staff Sh Jai Ram Dogra, and Sh Pran Nath ji for doing its job and remaind in the office of Ksd 24x7 to helping our community member.

(Kuldeep Bhat)
Officiating General Secretary