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KPC: Now, Govt. is in a position to solve KPs’ problems

13 Sep 2019

Kashmiri Pandit Conference, at a meeting, on August 22 last, said that the recent decision of the abrogation of Article 370 by Modi Govt. at the Centre, has paved the way for the Central
Government to, directly, redress the problems and meet the aspirations of the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community and to take cognizance of their important demands like caring out a separate piece of land for them, who are aborigines of the valley more than five thousand years ago. This is the time to utilize their services to proper direction in nation building, prosperity and its integrity by placing them at various national institutions and think tanks of the country. Besides to restore the confidence and faith of Kashmiri Pandit community on system of
governance,which is shattered, after leaving vote bank politics and policy of appeasement aside. Shri Kundan Kashmiri, President, KPC, stated that this is an appropriate time to appoint a
fact-finding committee exclusively for the internally- displaced Kashmiri Pandits community to know its pain, problems and demands to mitigate, after meeting its sufferers languished at
various locations in the country, as exiled for the last thirty years. He added that an independent commission of inquiry is also the need of the hour to probe into forced exodus, ethnic cleansing and human right violations of victim Kashmiri Pandit community along with detailed action taken report in respect of those Kashmiri Pandits who got killed since 1989-90 onward in state. He, further, demanded that the distress sale of the property of displaced Kashmiri Pandit community be declared null and void and its members be to given their properties. Besides that, he demanded the rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandit overage youths by providing them considerable financial help to settle their miserable
lives. Also, much delayed demand of Kashmiri Pandits to bring a law for KP shrines and temples to get them at par with the religious property of Kashmiri Muslims and the Sikh community in the
valley. The Kashmiri Pandit youth who were appointed under PM package and posted in Kashmir valley need to be also posted in safer zones of the Jammu region.This meeting, also, demanded enhancement of monetary relief to displaced Kashmiri Pandits and homeless displaced KPs be provided accommodation at par with the camp migrants at their respective locations. Displaced KP youths be appointed in the Central Govt. Departments/undertakings and others. KP traders/shopkeepers be allotted shops at railways stations form Jammu to Srinagar, besides shopping complexes to be constructed at Jammu, Delhi and other places where they, presently live. He further said that the political empowerment of the Kashmiri Pandit community is of paramount importance to restore its lost credibility, honour, dignity and faith in the government. So, four constituencies in exile should be granted for their representation in state assembly till
they are settled at a separate place.