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15 Jun 2021

Our auspicious days lkWu mRlo
June 16: Wednesday: Kumar Shashthi
June 18: Friday: Jyeshtaashtmi, Khsheer Bhawani yatra, Manzgaam, Tikkar, Loktipora.
June 21: Monday: Nirjala Ekadashi, Shri Abhinavguta Jayanti. 
June 27: Sunday: Sankata Nivaran Chaturthi.
July 3: Saturday, Bhagwan Gopi Nath Mahotsava
July 15: Thursday: Kumar Shashthi
Julu 17: Saturday: Hara Ashtami.
July 18: Sunday: Hara Navami, Sharika Jayanti, Hari Parvat
July 20: Tuesday: Devashani Ekadashi

BJP’s K.P. leader Rakesh Pandita assassinated
Was Tral Municipal Committee chairperson
Terrorists shot dead a BJP municipal committee chairperson from the Kashmiri Pandit community in the Tral area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district late on June 2, last, raising fears of a resurgence of attacks on political workers in J&K.
Slain Rakesh Pandita was targeted while visiting a friend in Tral Payeen, around 45 km from Srinagar, without the two personal security officers assigned to him, the police said. Asifa Mushtaq, daughter of Sh. Pandita’s friend, also, was injured in the terror attack. She was admitted in SMHS Hospital, Srinagar.
“The BJP leader had asked his security guards to remain in Srinagar when he set out to visit his friend’s home at Tral,” a police officer said. “Security forces have cordoned off the area and a massive search operation is underway to nab the three assailants.”
Pandita, chairperson of the Tral Municipal Committee, had been provided “secured hotel accommodation” in Srinagar along with PSOs, the police said.
Condemning the killing, J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said, “Saddened to hear about the terror attack on the councillor Shri Rakesh Pandita. Militants will never succeed in their nefarious designs and those responsible for such heinous acts shall be brought to justice.”
A series of terror attacks on political workers had rocked the Valley last year, starting with the killing of Congress Sarpanch Ajay Pandita in his Anantnag orchard in June.
(Courtesy: Times of India, June 3, 2021)

Zyestha Devi’s birthday
The birthday of Goddess Zyestha was celebrated on the Panchami of Krishna Paksha of the month of Jyesht, May 30, 2021
Zethyar, the abode of Goddess Zyestha, is situated about five kilometers from Srinagar towards its eastern side on the banks of Dal Lake. This is one of the ancient shrines which were blessed by Shiva with Ridhi, Sidhi and Budhi. Devotees offer prayers at Zyestha Devi on Thursdays especially during the month of Jyesht. Tahri, yellow cooked rice, is believed, to receive Mother’s grace. Jalauka, the son of the emperor Ashoka, is believed to have built this ancient shrine in third century BC. It has a sacred spring which is also worshipped by the devotees. Jalauka is said to have built another shrine on the banks of Dal Lake, on the eastern side of Srinagar. This ancient sacred shrine of Jyestharudra has a sacred spring, which is worshipped by the devotees.
Zyestha Devi’s manifestation relates to an important event which took place during the churning of the Great Ocean called Ksirsagar. Devtasand Asuras, both desirous of attaining immortality, were yearning for the holy Amrit from Ksirsagar but for the permission of Lord Shiva to churn it. So, all of them with great reverence prayed to Lord Shiva. Pleased with their devotion, Shiva gave them permission to churn Ksirsagar with a condition that whatsoever will come out of churning will be shared by Devtas and Asuras alike, which they gladly accepted without knowing the outcome. Lord Shiva simplified the whole process of churning.  Mandra Parvat, — the biggest mountain, would be used as churner and Lord Narayan would take incarnation of Kurma Devta — a giant crocodile, to hold the great mountain on his back. Vasuka Naga — the great serpent, would be used as a rope for churning. Initially 14 gems came out from Ksirsagar, including Goddess Lakshmi, but suddenly it was followed by deadly poison Kalakuta. This deadly poison started engulfing and burning everything around. All of them started praying to Shiva who consumed it. But he stored it in his throat, which turned bluish. For this reason, Lord Shiva is worshiped as Neela Kantha. Devtas gave Amrit and Eherawat, elephant to Indra whereas Lord Vishnu was given Goddess Lakshmi. 
The Asuras became infuriated and snatched Goddess Lakshmi from Lord Vishnu. They kept her in captivity in a cave called Guptagara now called Gupkar. This action of Asuras gave rise to wrath of Lord Shiva and with his divine force he created Goddess Zyestha and Vir Vaitala with powers to annihilate all the Asuras and free Goddess Lakshmi from their clutches. Upon accomplishing the task, Lord Shiva bestowed both of them, Zyestha and Vaitala, with the powers of protection and upliftment of the mankind. 
(Extract from the book Kashmir Hindu Shrines by Sh.Chaman Lal Gadoo)
Shri Pushkar Swami Sewa Ashram Chinore Bantalab Jammu and Najafgarh New Delhi express its heartfelt condolences to the families of the following:
Sh Shiban Ji Thusoo S/o Late Sham Lal Thusoo, originally from Karihama (Kupwara) presently opposite Mata Shardha Mandir Pouni Chak Jammu, breathed his last on 18.03.2021 at Naraini Super Speciality Hospital Katra after struggling for life for last 8 days. A karam yogi and a very dedicated devotee, he was very dear to Babraj Maharaj (Poshmot). He was presently holding the charge of President of Sh Pushkar Swami Sewa Ashram Jammu.
Smt Asha Ji Bhan W/o Sh Veer Ji Bhan originally from Kanya Kadal Srinagar and presently East of Loni Road, Shahdara who breathed her last on 26.04.2021. She was also a very true and dedicated devotee of Babraj.
Dr. Col. B L Jalla S/o Late Ved Lal Jalla originally from Rainawari Srinagar Kashmir and presently at Sector 31 Gurugram haryana who breathed his last on 19.05.2021. He was a dedicated disciple of Swami Ji.
The Ashram will always remember their dedication towards the master and the love for the Guru Parivaar.
We at Ashram pray to almighty Lord to bestow Vaikunth dham to the departed souls and courage to the bereaved families to bear the irrevocable loss. n