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Intellectual imperialism

14 Jun 2022

Intellectual imperialism
—S.L. Pandita ‘Sagar’
Science that is no science Quote of Desmond Tutu, leader of South Africa: When missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray’. We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land!
Recently NASA placed JWST 1.5 million km away from earth at Langrage point L2. Next came the explanation how gravity gets neutralized and the telescope comes to a position of rest. I was intrigued. I picked up a sheet of paper and in two minutes solved the problem. I don’t mean NASA doesn’t know math. I say they deliberately resurrected Lagrange and defunct Newtonian physics. It so happens Britain still sells useless math and guess work called theoretical physics to gullible parents globally. Intellectual Imperialism!
And there goes the story! Newton was seated under an apple tree. An apple fell down. It intrigued him. So was concept of gravity born? “Earth attracts all objects”! But nobody asked him: How did you reach home now that the entire earth force was pulling at your feet?
My interest in revisiting Physics happened in an uncanny way. I had in my courtyard planted pansies to keep in touch with the colour and compassion of Kashmir. One evening it started raining. Soon hails started pounding the pansies – a riot of colours. I panicked. Came out to see how plants were coping with the attack. What caught my attention was: but the hail doesn’t accelerate! I knew that hail is formed 6 km up in the sky. In case gravity were a reality then they should hit the ground like 303 bullets. In order to unravel the secret I had to create a scientific pathway of how the Solar system might have evolved. This led me not only to unravel the secret of gravity but also enabled me to draft 3-D Mathematical Model of Solar System which should replace the present hypothetical Kepler-Copernicus Model.
Motion is property of matter. If the moon breaks up into two parts it’s momentum that gets divided. Momentum means Matter+ Motion. It is not possible for matter to lose motion even at subatomic level. Motion can’t happen without center of motion. Our hand from plate to mouth moves along a curve. The elbow serves as the center of motion. Likewise walking. Paddling!
Spin is another existential necessity of matter. It is the spin of the earth that holds oceans in places where ever they are situated. The earth is spinning. The house is spinning. Newton in his chair is spinning. The spinning induces angular momentum. Newton jumps out of the window. Next angular momentum takes control. He crash lands! Unless a person suffers from vertigo, he/she can’t experience spin of the earth.
Cosmos is auto-dynamic! It therefore follows we need no Laws of Motion. No biologist has till date come up with the absurdity: Laws of breathing. Breathing is life proper.
Since Earth is spinning, there is no state of ‘Rest’. So first Law is no Law. When Newton multiplied mass and velocity he coined ‘momentum’. This was advancement-Education! Momentum is physical energy – energy carried by matter. It’s momentum of bullet or a stone that does the damage. But when he coined the second Law, he overstepped his brief. ‘Force’ is no science. It’s indoctrination.
The concept “Force” carries, belongs in literature not science. In science we use energy. Apart from momentum, heat is another form of energy. Heat is more complicated. When water warms up it expands. When it freezes it again expands. Riddle!
Third Law, likewise is no Law. The ships from Europe would not land in India if this law had any substance. But we experience it when a ball thrown against a wall. I won’t explain what happens because I’ve already analyzed flight data of PSLV- CS2 and Ariane 5 rockets. I have discovered that the smoking tail of a rocket doesn’t take it to Space. Something extraordinary happens. I won’t hazard a guess until two experiments are performed to verify my guess in my presence.
The brain is gift of spin of the earth to the Life that was fostered by her. The Life on earth couldn’t become mobile without taming the spin of the earth. When one biological cell synthesized one molecule of carbon with the help of oxygen one quantum of heat was produced biologically. When this cell improved into a special cell- Neuron, first movement was made by the cell. The Neuron harnessed spin of the earth to move. The mobility acquired by animal life is a long story; the Life balancing itself on a spinning planet. From creepers and climbers to millipedes to centipedes to quadrupeds and finally bi-pedes. The humans; balancing themselves on not more than one square foot area. Fantastic!
We don’t create energy while walking or running a marathon. We harness the energy already available to us by virtue of being passengers of the earth. What differentiates one person from the other is the stamina of the biological machine that we are. A rocket goes from 0 to 30 km/hr in one second. A leopard goes 0 to 70 km/hr in one second. Usain Bolt won 100 meter race by clocking 35km/hr in less than 10 seconds. The brain is to humans what a clutch plate is to a vehicle! 
I’ve disabled theoretical Physics on 10 counts:
1. Why is spin of the earth missing in the narrative of dynamics?
2. Galileo proved that gravity is not impressed by the size of free falling mass. He proved 1 kg and 10 kg mass will reach ground at the same time when released from a high tower. How did Newton dare to multiply mass and gravity to retail mgh absurdity in a situation when motion is absent?
3. NASA placed JWST recently at L2 point in Space. Is 3 body problem solvable by gravity & UGC or simple ratio and proportion pathway?
4. Is Tautochrone problem dramatization of ignorance about understanding nature of motion or expression of helplessness?
5. Is motion of Projectiles controlled by principle of geometry (Projectile launched at 450 has longest Range) or Laws of motion-Physics?
6. Is buoyancy a real force? Force requires a will. Yes or no?
7. Why don’t magnets lose field strength while generators produce electricity, although magnets are the chief Architects? Is a magnet energy source or energy sink?
8. Why is amplitude missing in e = hv? [h- Planck Constant & v - frequency]
9. Do Generators really produce Megawatts of Power? 
10. Every mole of CO2& H2O requires countable electricity to break and make bonds. Do trees produce electricity for Photosynthesis? Do photons really carry energy? 
PS: Education and indoctrination are two different concepts. Kashmir can still contribute to improving education standards in India. n
{The writer is AEE - Mech (Rtd)}
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