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14 Jun 2022

A perfect day out at Kheer Bhavani, Tul Mul
-Rekha Tukra
“O, Great mulberry tree peerless, thy name, existence 
immortalized infinitely in Tul Mul, so your fame 
You are truly “atulya mulya”, rendered name 
signifying to this pilgrimage.”

“O ! chinar tree ,It’s is you have shaded picnicking, worshiping 
Swami Vivekananda, Maharajas, Monks,spiritual Gurus,
 notable personalities and commoners all alike or a sage.”

“O ! My Holy Mother, come on Summer month of June or May ,
so comes your pious sacred auspicious day; 
my mind dwell on you, immersed in your thought night and day ;
Three decades is not less time in exile,
let us proclaim what is rightfully ours without delay ;
Difficult for me to cross mountains seas and thousand miles,
I won’t be asking for moon perhaps how dare I say.”

“O, My Mind, Sitting on balcony watching infinite turquoise sea it’s horizon,
sailing boats;
its tides teleported me instantly to unequivocally unparalleled,
exceptional scenically stunning located opulence gate, luminous court .”

“O! My Heart, Etched in my memory, time machine took me back;
in time to particular, divine abode of Goddess,
commenced my journey along natural bewitching features,
 Brooks, rivers, pleasant climate most sacred, holiest of holy
pilgrimage, Shree Kheer Bhavani, loaded in memory in stack.”

“O! My memories, Sprouted with fresh bloom of such colourful trips
to Kheer Bhavani temple;
splendour of fine Greenfields, rice fields, grove of trees, orchards on
its route panoramic vista in ample.”

“O! Maple tree, whistling wind through you burst my mind,
with sweet smell of breeze bathing gentle ;
my whole inner soul sitting direct view of my goddess’s throne,
few yards away under the chinar tree in courtyard temple.”

“O! Goddess Ragnya, it appears probably like the world’s seven seas have gifted its colours blue;
green, aqua, red, white and yellow combinedly mixture of translucent milky pretty hue;
which are acquired by the holy spring is like rare phenomenon view;
The offering to immerse sugar cylindrical candies, milk, flowers in spring collectively in queue;
this unique practice adds sweetness, surcharged with bliss, spiritual atmosphere true.”

“O! Our solo uno, Ishta Devi, Deity,
 Sleeping in compound under crystal glittery;
 sequinned blanket of starry sky, 
 alongside moon overhead, arrays of clay tea lamps flickery;
 near flowers cladded natural spring,
 Continued after party at “Gandar Bal ,
 under the bridge, stream milky plus silvery;
 Your own food, tea, mat, swim suit, wicker basket,
 Charcoal hearth food never tasted so flavory; 
 lingering taste of relishing savoury.”

“Ah, Never knew then how these memories will become treasure; dwell deeper I yearn a day out, perfect picnic,
where fun never ceases;
all aches and pain eases;
adventure never stops, pilgrimage was pure pleasure.”

“O! Merciful, how come you didn’t send for me ,
to come over your shrine;
clouds should not bring rain but rainbow;
Tell me where would I go;
should I not only in your lotus feet bow ;
You punished me for my sins, faced test and trial;
O! My compassionate Mata, now time to redeem and reconcile.”

“O! My Holy Mother, the nights have been long,
so has been pitch darkness,
Trust, faith and hope float;
when my days will have golden dawn,
will summon me to your magnificent court;
My prayers will yield you, will rock my soul row my boat;
Set on sail I will reach my harbour and port.”

“O! Hail Mata, Shower your unlimited blessings in abundance and pile;
Show me your radiant face with glowing smile;
Uplift us downtroddens and make our life worthwhile;
 Come to rescue I am marooned, lonely. alone afar on isle.”

“O!,Goddess, return our laughs and happiness, strengthen our faith,
fill void of lives with joy and smile to our faces;
being ignorant, forgive all, for materialistic worldly desires who chases;
Keep shinning with your consistently benevolence graces.”

“O! Ma, Gracious, you remove our barriers, break our shackles
liberate us, give refuge, we surrender in your lotus feet;
all our tiredness eases by mere your smile so sweet ;
shine our lives, keep us helpless ones under your constant glare
demonstrate love and mercy and kindness, same as mother treat;
the mighty two lions with blond fluffy mane guarding your seat;
Shape our destiny and future, turn away us from physical wants and conceit;
There is noise in my silence, calm down my clamour mind, wipe my tears and greed;
your telepathy, ability can even hear everyone’s heart beat.”

“O! Goddess Shakti, chanting your mantra will invoke your intervention to my grave problem plus worry;
Trident adorn your Durga Avatar form, with those powerful weapons cut and destroy my ego, evil;
Your aura and majesty, creator of world we worship your manifestation of energy from primeval;
We will offer bouquet, garlands and petal of assorted flowers and hail you, sing your glory;
Today is the day when we recite verse, your saga and story;
O! Omnipresent, once we return to our land for good, then I wish there won’t be any retrieval.”

“O! My Deity, You have eighteen arms, can’t you hold my hand;
take me out of sea of my tears in which I drowned,
lift us, make rich, enrich me with your divine magical wand.” n